Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Recap

The New Year came and went and I was blissfully oblivious to it all. My love and I spent the weekend at home, shared a bottle of wine, fell asleep around 10:30 pm on Saturday night and only knew it was New Years because of the fireworks.

It was beyond bliss, it was sheer heaven

I finished Daisy Hay's Young Romantics and watched two more episodes of Downton Abbey.I thought that Hay's book about the loves of the Romantic poets was decent. I was unfortunately looking more for information about Charles Lamb but alas couldn't find a thing except for a few mentions of him in the book. Mainly the book centers around the Shelley family and the Hunt Family. I don't care how many times I read it, I still feel my heart break when Shelley drowns.

I am setting aside a little time this year to read books that I started and couldn't get in to or finish. I'm not sure what I will tackle next as a box of books just arrived thanks to a gift certificate from my mum. The Jeeves and Wooster looks so tempting in the box. I'm developing a real crush on Wodehouse.

Off to the next thing.