Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Letters

I find I'm more apt lately to read books of exquisite beauty and meaning than the light fluffy stuff that leaves you half empty always hungry. Oh but if I had the time on my hands to really and truly read! This is my wish for today: a more literary life. I already have all that I want and I count my blessings every day. Today though, I checked out Eavan Boland's new book "A Journey with Two Maps" and came home with a sack of birthday treat that I bought for myself at the store. I don't do this often but sometimes I binge on sweets until i feel slightly sick. I stop and swear them off for a time. Today I am belly-ached-full and contemplating cracking open the book. In the early morning I sit hunched over a book of poetry while I sip on my breakfast. I only have time to read a little before heading out the door but the world seems so full of possibility. I'm so full of possibility.

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