Friday, July 27, 2012

"I like to feel that I've transcended my destiny" - Anais Nin

Sunny Friday and my mood is lifted although the heat beats on the earth like a hot oven opened. Oh summer...please go on vacation! Everything droops in this heat including my basil plants and my husband. He comes home peevish, more than heat-brained. I long for Autumn. I love the month of October. There is nothing finer than the deep orange of October, the cold nights, the sense of harvesting your work. Will I have something by then to harvest? I feel a change sweeping over me..a deep sullenness has been lifted from my spirit, a threshold passed. The weekend is here and I'm planning all sorts of fun things including some reading. I have the desire to go through Anais Nin's diaries while I wait for something else to arrive. I have a need to clean and organize and to sleep. My desire to write is always present. The need to fill that void has lessened.

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