Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rain in the Morning

This is my last day of Christmas Break. I'm satisfied that its rainy out and dreary. I don't have to do anything now, if someone asks "what did you do over Christmas Break" I can say "Oh nothing" with certainty. I'm content this morning, less neurotic than I was yesterday. B came home and I'd worked myself into a frenzy. He got me calmed and I read for most of the evening. Today, he squeezed me extra before he left for work. I will fill the hours in between his departure and arrival. He'll have funny stories to tell me and I'll make us dinner. That is the way of our days together; full of laughter and quiet. When I left off in the book I was reading Mary Shelley was about to give birth to her first child. She was 17 and had run off with an already married Percy Shelley. I think he was a cad. I think she was young and impressionable. I'm judging too much but I'm over 10 years older than her and I don't even understand love sometimes. The rain has stopped. Its quiet in the house without the metallic tinkle of rain on the tin roof. I could go to the library but I'm simply too content to stay here and watch the morning pass.

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